Success Stories from Parents and Students

Sampling of Acceptances

College Together’s students have been accepted to the following colleges, among many others:

“Daniella’s deep knowledge, insight, and guidance are invaluable. She is organized, reliable, caring, and extremely professional. She helped our daughter identify target schools, find her authentic voice, and structure her college applications in a way that best highlighted her credentials. Daniella is awesome!”

Jessica Jonap and Michael Levinson
Parents of Ava Levinson (Student at Boston University)

“We were incredibly satisfied with Daniella’s services. We simply could not have tackled the college admission process on our own, stayed on top of all of the deadlines and requirements, or gotten our children to give the needed attention without Daniella. She was always available for us and our girls to tackle any challenge and talk through any uncertainties or tough choices. Our girls were both admitted to their dream schools – Duke University and University of Texas at Austin. We are very grateful for her outstanding help! In our opinion, she’s the best college counselor in Miami.”

Peter and Karin Matos
Parents of Grace Matos (Student at Duke University) and Alexa Matos (Student at University of Texas at Austin)

“Daniella was excellent and exceeded our expectations. She kept our daughter on schedule, gave immediate and helpful feedback, provided regular updates of the status, and assisted in refining our daughter’s college list. Additionally, Daniella provided real time feedback on the college essays but also allowed our daughter to express herself in her own voice. Our daughter got admitted into her ED1. We could not be more pleased!”

Jennifer Altman and Adam Rubenstein
Parents of Sophia Rubenstein (Student at Emory University)

“Daniella’s help throughout the application process greatly improved my chances of getting admitted to my reach schools. She’s the best!”

Sofia Nayor
Student at University of Florida

“Daniella was my savior. Without her, getting into my dream school seemed impossible. She motivated me and insisted I work harder, which made my dreams a reality. I can’t thank her enough for all her effort, guiding me every step of the way and constantly looking for areas of improvement. I would recommend her to anyone starting their college application process. Whether you just need some guidance or are completely lost, she will be there for you!”

Alex Garcia
Student at University of Miami

“The best!! I highly recommend Daniella to anyone looking for a college counselor. Daniella is amazing and helped me so much with keeping me organized and on top of things, not to mention her incredible writing skills! Got into my top choice school!”

Milan Shany
Student at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business

“Daniella is amazing! My daughter Hailey is a math and science student who dreaded writing her personal college essay until she started working with Daniella. The difference between the first draft of Hailey’s personal college essay and her final draft is just unbelievable.”

Vicki Banks
Parent of Hailey Banks (Student at Virginia Tech)

“Daniella has done an amazing job working with our daughter Eliza throughout the college application process. She has provided invaluable insight and guidance to Eliza and us from helping guide Eliza in the selection of schools that fit her interests and strengths to assistance with the application process. We could not imagine navigating the process without Daniella’s guidance, and we have already hired her to start working with our other daughter.”

Melanie Greenwald
Parent of Eliza Greenwald (Student at the University of Florida)

“I highly recommend Daniella! She has been an amazing counselor and partner in this very stressful process. I will absolutely use her again when my younger son is ready to apply to college.”

Corinne Camhi
Parent of Jack Camhi (Student at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business)

“We were extremely impressed with Daniella’s expertise, attention to detail and creative approach. She kept our daughter Sofia engaged and on track throughout the long college application process. We were thrilled that Sofia was recently accepted to her first choice college which was a reach. Don’t think twice, hire her!!!”

Lital Nayor
Parent of Sofia Nayor (Student at the University of Florida)

“Daniella was an amazing resource and guide throughout the college process. I highly recommend Daniella as a college counselor and recommend a consultation with her as early in the process as possible so the student understands what preparation is needed during high school years to ensure they have the best chance at acceptance at their dream schools. The most valuable aspect of using Daniella is having a 3rd party to keep your student on track and encouraging them to present themselves in the absolute best they can be. Thanks for all your help Daniella.”

Juliet Gonya
Parent of Olivia Gonya (Student at Florida State University)

“We couldn’t have done it without Daniella’s help, especially meeting all the deadlines! We were ready to kill our son and having someone else to crack the whip was invaluable!”

Jennie Bernstein
Parent of Julian Bernstein (Student at University of Central Florida)

“My daughter Molly actually enjoyed writing her college essay with Daniella! She makes everything seamless and easy and keeps everyone on track. Could not have imagined getting through the application process without her.”

Karen Sepsenwol
Parent of Molly Sepsenwol (Student at the University of Florida)

“Daniella was a huge lifesaver in the college application process! With her guidance, I was able to feel like I was ahead during one of the most stressful years of a high-schooler’s life. I’ve already been accepted to almost half of the colleges I applied to and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Daniella’s help!”

Olivia Gonya
Student at Florida State University

“I’m really grateful for Daniella’s help. She was always on top of her work and made sure I was too! I’m not sure what I would have done without her!”

Nicole Penafiel
Student at Florida International University